For every car owner, carrying out regular service inspections can benefit your car in more ways than just keeping your car running and on the road. Motor experts advise that giving your car routine checks and inspections and doing general maintenance can save you money in the long term.

Extend the life of your vehicle

One of the most evident benefits of regular car servicing is that it will prolong the life of your motor and prevent unnecessary garage costs and repairs. In addition, you also have the added assurance that your car will be roadworthy for many more years.

Avoid unnecessary expense

Many people prefer not to service their car on a regular basis, thinking that this is an expensive option, however, what they don’t understand is that having your car checked and maintained on a regular basis by servicing experts, will save you money overall.  A service on your car will ensure it uses the fuel more economically, giving you better return on the fuel costs.

Provides additional safety

Regular service checks allows the motor technician to spot any potential faults that require repair, before causing any major problems and safe driving issues. It’s advisable to have your car checked and serviced on a routine basis, by expert motor technicians, to avoid potential vehicle defects.

Maintain a higher value and selling price

Most people keep the same car for years, and then upgrade to a newer model. If your car has been regularly serviced and maintained by a reputable workshop, in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and your service log book has been updated at each visit, your car is likely to sell for a higher price.

A car is a complex, highly intricate piece of equipment, with many components, some that need replacing at regular intervals. Manufacturers stress the requirements of regular car servicing, although some of the newer models can go for longer periods between garage visits. You can carry out small maintenance jobs yourself, such as checking the engine oil levels and topping up water levels, but anything more complicated is best left to the motor experts and the trained mechanics.