Spark Plugs provide a crucial part of your Car’s engine, as they produce the necessary spark to ignite the fuel and air mixture inside the cylinders. Your car needs this continuous ignition to keep it moving. Spark plugs either need to be checked during periodic maintenance, and changed when required, to prevent problems occurring with your car’s engine. Look out for these 6 signs to know when it’s best to have you Spark Plugs changed.

  1. Engine idling rate

When your vehicle is in the stationary position, the engine should produce a smooth, constant, idling sound. If your spark plugs aren’t up to standard, they will produce a jittery, rough sound with car vibrations. Avoiding this problem may lead to costly repairs.

  1. Your car doesn’t start

Most drivers expect that the problem is due to a flat battery or running out of fuel, but if your vehicle doesn’t start first time, there is a possibility you could have worn or poor quality spark plugs.

  1. Surging engine

During the engine combustion process, your vehicle could take in excess air, which in turn causes the car to jerk and run inefficiently, with continuous starting and stopping. This engine hesitation process can be dangerous if you are driving in traffic.

  1. Engine misfires

If your motor isn’t running as smoothly as it should, or it misfires and halts for any moments of time before running as normal, the cylinders probably aren’t firing correctly. This can eventually lead to higher emissions.

  1. High consumption of fuel

Deterioration of your spark plugs can result in decreased fuel economy by around 30% as a result of incomplete combustion. If you find yourself visiting the fuel station more frequently, it’s time to have your spark plugs changed.

  1. Poor acceleration

If you realise that your motor isn’t responding when you accelerate, or feels sluggish – changing your spark plugs can greatly increase your acceleration power.

Of course, if you’re unable to replace the spark plugs in your vehicle yourself – its time to visit your motor specialists, to ensure continued performance and efficiency of your motor.