It’s recommended that you get your car serviced twice a year or at least once every 10,000 on the speedo. There’s no legal requirement for this, but there are several very good reasons to maintain this schedule.

It’ll improve your safety

Most car problems don’t tend to come out of the blue; they start off small and grow over a period of months so it’s always good to catch them early on. If you’re getting your brakes and your suspension looked at regularly then any wear and tear can be dealt with before it presents a serious problem or causes an accident.

The thing about deterioration is that it’s so gradual that you may not notice it happening and so feel that the car is still in great condition. When it comes to something like your brakes, you can’t afford a false sense of security.

It’ll save you money

You might think you’re saving money by forgoing a service, but when that little problem becomes a big one, you’ll pay very dearly for it. If your  servicing includes an oil change, for example, you’ll be looking after all the moving parts so your engine carries on running at its optimum and is far less likely to break down.

You’ll save money on fuel, too, as by changing the oil, the oil filters and the air filters, you’ll be more fuel-efficient. Checking out tyre pressure is also important when it comes to fuel consumption, because under-inflated tyres present more rolling resistance.

It’ll increase your car’s lifespan

A regular service will help your car to run for longer, especially if you change the oil and clean filters. An engine can only run for so long before it fails, and by treating it well, you’ll be able to get the most out of it.

It’ll increase the resale value

The used car market is fiercely competitive so if you can show evidence of regular services, people will be more willing to buy your old car and to pay a decent price for it.