You should treat your car (almost) as well as you treat your own body so that, just like you, it maintains its looks and resale value! Seriously, looking after your car doesn’t just mean repairs, it also means preventative measures, so here’s how to keep your wheels looking and doing great.

Detail the car inside and out once a month

It’s a pride thing, but it’ll also help to maintain your vehicle’s value. Grime and gunk, inside and out, will eventually damage upholstery and paintwork, so a good monthly clean will keep things under control.

Take it for a service twice a year

A service will look over your brakes, your filters, your tyres and, well, everything really so that you can nip problems in the bud before they become serious and very expensive.

Look after your mirrors

Being able to see behind, in front and to the side as clearly as possible has a lot of benefits – you’ll prevent a few dings over the lifetime of the car, for a start.

If you’re not driving for a while, store your car away properly

Your car should be covered, preferably in a garage, with a full tank. If you’re able to, start the car up every month or so, or have someone come in to do this if you’re away to keep the battery topped up.

Clean off any bird poo ASAP

Bird poo is incredibly acidic and it’ll eat through your paintwork if you leave it on too long. If your parking spot is popular with birds as well, it might be worth investing in a special polish to limit the damage.

Keep your bottom clean

The bottom of your car, that is. Using car mats makes detailing much easier as you can just lift them out to clean and dry them when you’ve had muddy/sandy/wet feet in the footwells. Mats protect the actual interior of the car and are much cheaper and easier to replace when they get worn.

Park in the shade or use window shades

Letting the inside of your car heat up to kiln-like temperatures causes fading, melting, cracking and other damage to the upholstery. It’s also very unpleasant to get into a baking car, so use window shades at the very least. You should also try to park under some shade to protect your paint job.

Don’t hoon around

Occasionally you need to put your foot down, but too much speed will increase the wear and tear on your car and will lead to avoidable repairs down the line. Plus, it can be dangerous and you need to look after yourself as well.